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Now one of the best kept secrets to winning extra Bingo bonuses and freebies is to take part in one of the many different bingo chat games that are held at each of our featured online Bingo sites, but you may have never heard of these type of bingo games before so allow us to tell you more about them.

As the name suggest a Bingo chat game is played with the Bingo chat room activated and this is where all of the fun and games takes place so make sure you have the chat room switched on!
bingo chat game are easy to find as they are marked as such in the Bingo room listings of all of the Bingo sites so simply log in to find them.

How they work is quite simple, before each new Bingo game starts the Chat Moderator often known as the Chat Master will tell you what the next game is and how to play it .

You may have to pick a number, a sequence of numbers or even a certain playing pattern and if you call house first with these numbers or winning pattern then you will win some extra freebies.

You have to stake your claim by shouting out into the Bingo chat room and be the first player to claim so always be on your toes! These Bingo chat games run alongside the normal base game and are a lot of fun to take part in.
The benefit of having the chat room launched is that you can also interact and chat too your fellow online Bingo players, so don't be surprised if they wish you luck or congratulate you when you win a Bingo chat game!

There are a great many free bingo chat games up and running so please check through any of our showcased online Bingo sites to see when they are live and playing and give them a try.

No longer is playing Bingo a lonely thing to do and in no time at all you will be chatting away and gossiping to a great many new online Bingo friends and buddies!

So what are you waiting for sign up now to any of the sites we listed and get playing in these free to enter Bingo chat games and who knows you may soon start to amass a huge number of free additional Bingo bonuses to help you extend your online Bingo sessions.

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