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75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is hugely popular with US online Bingo players as this particular Bingo variant uses 75 Bingo balls with cover the number one through to and including seventy five.

When you buy a Bingo card in the game of 75 ball Bingo it will have 25 numbers printed up on it, and these are presented in a grid format with 5 columns of five numbers. More often than not the middle number is a free number so this will always be crossed off before the Bingo game starts.

The beauty of 75 ball Bingo is that the sheer number of different Bingo game patterns that can come into play when playing it, this has led to it being used in Bingo chat game where by you are playing for unique patterns in each Bingo game and win yourself extra bonuses for hitting these special patterns.

Unlike other Bingo variants you are usually only playing for one prize, and this will be listed in the particular Bingo site at which you are playing, these prices are a percentage of all the Bingo ticket sales and can be won by the first person to hit the winning pattern.

All of the Bingo sites that are listed on our website will let you play 75 Ball Bingo and many of them have some special welcome Bingo bonuses up for grabs so make sure you check them out!

Also the Bingo software will automatically keep track of all your 75 Ball Bingo tickets so you can simply sit back and watch the game play out without having to dab loads of different Bingo tickets, the software will also call house for you wen you have a winning ticket so you will never miss claiming a winning card!

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